History of the Warsaw Front of Abstraction

      It all started 17 November 2003, when the Warsaw Front of Abstraction was established. Our first flash mob action was planned on saturday, 6th December. It was named "Action table-requisites". Late autumn 2003 was the time, when flash mobs were most popular in Poland, and the biggest number of people gathered on events all over the country. About 100 people appeared on our first flash mob to drop a spoon on the floor of our main subway station. The synchronization was perfect, because there was a clock on the station. Unfortunatelly, there was a misunderstanding with the police. They probably thouught, that we were going to drop the spoons & run away without picking them up. There were plenty of policemen everywhere and the cleanin group was waiting to clean the mess we were thought to leave. Of course all of us picked up their spoons and left the place immediately. Despite the police, atmoshpere on our first flash mob was really awesome and unusual. "Action table-requisites" was last Warsaw flash mob in 2003 (we have several groups in our city, which organise flash mobs independly).

      Our second flashmob was on 17 January 2004. We gathered in the center of our city and... welcomed New Year 2005 (please remember it was 17.01.04)! The flash mob was named "New Years's Eve 2004/2005". There were balloons, banners, party hats, non-alcoholic champaigne, holiday wishes and plenty of happy faces. I personally think that it was our best flash mob. Even the most perfect photo or movie won't show the atmosphere we had that evening.

      February 2004. "You also can go through the hole..." was our 3rd flashmob. About 150 people appeared in the underground passage in the center of Warsaw, formed a queue and got through the very special hole. Citizens who saw us were of course truly astonished.
      March. The "Day of the Soap" was celebrated by members of the Warsaw Front of Abstraction. There were several times less people than on our previous flash mobs, but spring 2004 was the time, when flash mobs started to loose their popularity in Poland. However those who participated, had a lot of fun with spending few minutes on talking about and loking at all different kinds o soaps.

      Professional hypnotysers appeared on one of the squares (actually, it's rather "oval" than "squar", but well...) in the center of Warsaw. It was sunny April day, when we took out our hypnotising tools and started to hypnotise other flashmobbers and everybody, who accidentally looked at our pendulums (we observed few non-flashmobing persons with umbrellas opened, although it wasn't raining - strange, isn't it?). The area was quite large, so it would have looked even better, if there were 100 flash mobbers, but we've counted about 45. However the result was nice. Some people looked at us disorientated and some tried to avoid walking close to us.
      May - the month of maturity exams, high school exams & gymnasial exams. Of course may was also the month of 6th WFA flash mob named "Simple demands". Weather that day was very rainy and I mean it. The rain was extremely huge & people who appeared on the mob despite the bad weather were really great, because without them it could have been our first failure, but fortunatelly it wasn't. It was one of the best flash mobs Warsaw has ever seen! We gathered infront of one of the traffic lights and started to yell "Green! Green! Green!". Some of us had green clothes & there was even a banner over the crowd. People waiting for the green light were quite amazed. "Green! Green! Green!" - finally red light switched to green. We were really happy! We crossed the street with happiness on our faces, yelling and clapping our hands. But there were three other crossings to challange & three more red lights to swith! As soon as all our 4 "Simple demands" were fulfilled, we dispersed.

      June. "Once for ten thousand years" amazing phenomenon appears on the Earth's sky. It was last seen 10 000 years ago over the area in Mexico, where today ancient Teotihuacan is. Specialists from Warsaw Front of Abstraction calculated that the phenomenon will appear again, in June 2004, over Warsaw! And so it did! The phenomenon was really astonishing! There were plenty of flash mobbers looking at it, and even more people were looking at us. Unfortunatelly, they weren't able to see anything on the sky, because they weren't equipped with special tools... but we were!
      June was also the month of Global Flash Mob 2, which we took part in, together with two other groups organising flash mobs in Warsaw. More about this flash mob you can read at the GFM Organising Commitee website. We' ve chosen the "Floppies" scenario suggested by the Commitee, modified it a little bit and named "Data storage". Second part of the flash mob was named "Thank you for the love rug". The second part of GFM#2 referred to the famous "Love rugs for the commune", which was the very first flash mob in the world!
      July. "Elementary psychokinesis". Psychokinesis, which was formerly called telekinesis, is difficult to control, but really great ability. Members of the Warsaw Front of Abstraction met in the center of our city and tried together to move the clocks shop. It is not certain if we really managed to move it (well, maybe few milimetres), but at least we tried. This flash mob was unusual, because the instructions were given to the flash mobbers directly before the mob. It was the first attempt in Poland to distribute mob instructions only just before the mob, and we succeeded!

      February 2004. August flash mob (and it's name) was completely without sense! Of course it was on purpose. On "The way the sink folds" we gathered at one of the bus stops. Everybody pretended, that they were just waiting for the bus, but suddenly the passangers at the bus stop could hear the yell "Gentlemen! They have closed the cafe!". Suddenlyall flash mobbers grouped in one place and... started to wash their hands without the soap!
      The story of the Warsaw Front of Abstraction continues. However there were 12 flash mobs planned at the beginning, so in November Warsaw will see the final chapter.

Here you can find three short videos from our events:
WFA-FM-02-A   WFA-FM-05-X   WFA-FM-05-Y  

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